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Professional Voyager/Fisherman/Fish Farmer – University Degrees are Not the Only Way to Success

As the old saying goes “Every trade has its Masters”, such wisdom is fully reflected from the story of Mr. Chan, the owner of Lee Hung Seafood. Realising his moderate education level some thirty years ago at the age of 23, Mr. Chan made the decision to step into the seafood industry. Decades passed. Mr. Chan remains highly industrious throughout the years working every chilling morning or scorching mid-night, showing up at Aberdeen Fish Market for the daily seafood produce selection.


His motto “Wealth only comes to those who give most efforts” is a driving force for Mr. Chan in the seafood industry and has shaped him into a pragmatic, resilient, and hard-working fishmonger who excels also in voyage, fishing, and fish farming. He wants to prove with himself that indeed “All roads lead to Rome.”   


Working Round the Clock, Fast-paced – Prerequisite for Fish-Selling Men

Lee Hung Seafood is swamped by acclaims from neighborhood customers thanks to its enticing selection of seafood menu comprising of marine fish, freshwater fish, and frozen fish. Lee Hung’s services provided to its neighborhoods are contributed by Mr Chan’s abundant knowledge on voyage, weather, ocean ecology, and fishing waters, and that he is able to estimate fish supplies, grasping the accurate ordering quantity in return.


“For example, we should know the wind directions and directions where the fishermen are heading on the eve of typhoon day. Such information helps us to estimate the impact of seafood supply of the day, and I will increase the order beforehand. As the fish supply tends to be lower in the post-typhoon days, frozen seafood would therefore be provided to customers. Nature does have its cycle, so does seafood. A Chinese saying “Fat and rich in autumn solstice, slim in spring solstice” which means seafood harvest is good when autumn begins, but drops around the Ching Ming Festival time when it is the fish mating and breeding season.” Mr. Chan added that such cycle not only applies to marine fish, freshwater fish, sea shells, but also the natural cycle of our oceans. Particular attention is placed on the sanity levels and the temperature of water, so the seafood would be kept in good condition inside the shop area.”

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