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Frozen Meat Deli – A Rare Jewel in Central Over 80 Years

Land resources are precious in Hong Kong and frozen meat stores at street level are hard to find these days. Stepping into the busy Gage Street, however, you will find Shing Hing Frozen Meat & Provision Company Limited operating in two shops on the same street nearby each other. When one enter into the main shop, one will see an iconic plaque with the traditional Chinese writing "Shing Hing" hanging up above. A historical piece of plaque in a new era, it tells a story of the shop's perseverance in time.


Founded in the 1930s, Shing Hing started selling cereal grains, oil and other groceries. Amid the trend of importing frozen meat in the 70s, Shing Hing transferred its business and made a critical turn. It began to provide frozen meat to meal provision operators commonly employed by business owners providing meals for their own staff. Known for its product varieties and quality, Shing Hing has become one of the leading providers in the Central district.   


Ms. Mok, current deputy of Shing Hing, said that the business was originally managed by two major shareholders. Since the age of 30, the two partners had operated Shing Hing over 70 years and their efforts led to a great success. "It was not until two years ago when the two partners passed away that the torch was passed on to the succeeding generation." 


Ms. Mok revealed that many frozen meat shops have moved to covered markets or factory buildings with lower rent. It is uncommon to see them on the streets these days. Selling frozen meat is in fact not a highly profitable business but Shing Hing has continued to thrive for decades because of the array of exquisite frozen meat products it offers. Besides, it has a stable demand from restaurants which guarantees a high stock turnover. The more active the business gets, the better products it sells. At the same time, bulk purchases also help to lower costs, and products can be sold at more reasonable prices leading up to the shop’s long-term success.


Deluxe Tomahawk Steak Draws Fans from Outside

Shing Hing sells poultry, seafood, and all kinds of meats and meatballs. From time to time, it imports new products like deluxe tomahawk, popular Iberico pork chops, value-for-money lamb chops, as well as those rarely found in regular frozen meat shops, such as frozen suckling pigs, beef bone marrow, duck legs, and turkeys. Ms. Mok laughed and said that it makes a perfect paradise to dig out "treasures" which meat lovers across districts often come and hunt. That is why Shing Hing is able to gather a wide range of customers from within the neighbourhood and farther districts like Shau Kei Wan, Kowloon, and even the Outlying Islands.

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