Timeless Charm of a Century-Old Outdoor Market

Wet markets in Hong Kong plays an important role in the daily life of the local people and is part of Hong Kong culture. Located in Central, Graham Market, being an outdoor market, has been in business for over a century and its origin can be traced back to the early days of Chinese community formation on the Hong Kong Island. During the early development of Hong Kong, uphill streets and roads in Central were often named after British or Hong Kong governors and Generals. These include such as the names of Peel Street, Gage Street and Cochrane Street. Graham Street is named after a British General.


In early 1900s, Graham Street mainly comprised of shops operating by Chinese residents, and the nearby streets gradually flourished with restaurants, tea houses, tea shops, soy sauce shops, noodle shops, grocery stores selling cereal grains and oil, as well as popular Western restaurants. To name a few at the intersections with Queen’s Road Central, there were a famous tea house on the east side and a Western restaurant on the west. The location was later taken up by the current Kowloon Soy Co. Ltd on Graham Street which now still operates at Graham Market.


The Market evolved and developed prosperously with many rice shops, grocery stores, fish stalls and meat companies opening on both sides of the Street. It was also home to some of the renowned shops including a sizable rice and grocery store, as well as a few noodle shops near Gage Street.


Nowadays, Graham Market has become a key market place in Central that offers a wide range of fresh food ingredients. With a mix of well-sourced fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, spices, and other groceries, it serves the daily needs of people living and working in the district and beyond.


*Historical information and image courtesy of Mr. Cheng Po Hung