Graham Now and Then (1)

From a fishing village to an international financial hub, Hong Kong has evolved and developed, with the Central district on Hong Kong Island being formed a central business district. From the early days and historical photos, one can already see the signs of small and medium businesses and offices gathering in the Central district. From there, we can experience the Journey of Hong Kong.


A scene of Queen's Road Central in 1915 near Graham Street, a famous area where Chinese people gathered. Center of the image shows the signage of a popular tea house at that time. Now the area becomes one of the core areas in Central with a high footfall and road traffic.



Queen's Road Central in about 1925 – Left side of the image shows a bus parking at the entrance of Graham Street. The blue van in the image was also parked at the entrance of Graham Street.



Peel Street in about 1938 looking up from Queen's Road Central – Named after British prime minister Sir Robert Peel, Peel Street was packed with sedan chairs and rickshaws. The street remains a busy area today filled with canopied hawker stalls selling all types of household items.



Queen's Road Central in about 1955 viewed from Graham Street which shows a bank on the right side. Now a pedestrian footbridge connecting to streets and roads uphill is built and the road underneath becomes one of the busy streets in Central.


*Historical information and image courtesy of Mr. Cheng Po Hung