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From Grandmother to Grandson – From Fruit to Lifestyle Juice Drinks

It is a blessing to have generations to pass on your knowledge and wisdom. It is even a bigger blessing to have your next generations to inherit the family business and continue to flourish. Sweet Heart Fresh Fruit Shop located on Wellington Street in Central, was founded in the 1990s by Luk Chiu-ying (Mrs. Yau). It was later inherited by her children while she continued to help out. As time flew by, her grandson Jet Wong Chak-hang who has grown up, has decided to contribute a part. Inheriting the family's entrepreneurial wisdom, he chose to open a new shop specializing in fresh juices and fruit cups in the Graham market area. It is branded with the same shop name "Sweet Heart", aiming to draw young customers and those working nearby.


To find out more about the history of "Sweet Heart", it all begins with the life of Mrs. Yau. "The shop has been operating for 28 years. Before that, I had been selling fish in Central for more than 30 years. However, my hands and feet often got wet from selling fish, which later caused health issues to my hands. So I switched to sell fruits," Mrs. Yau said.


As a veteran fishmonger, it was not easy to switch business. However, with rich experience in business operation and her unremitting efforts, Mrs. Yau managed to steadily develop her fruit retail business. She goes to the wholesale fruit market to select produces herself, and visits fruit plantations to understand how fruits are grown under different weathers and seasons. She also creates exquisite fruit hampers on different festive occasions, which always earns her praises from customers.


Empowered Third Generation To Develop New Business

Jet on the other hand is familiarized with the taste of each kind of fruit since young, thanks to the influence from his family. He said, "Every time I came to the fruit shop when I was a kid, my grandma asked me to eat any fruits that I wanted. After I have made up my mind to start my own business, I visit her shop more frequently to learn behind the scene."


The décor of the new shop comes with a creative theme, featuring walls with fruit cartoons designed by Jet and his friend, and furnished with high tables and chairs to create a relaxed ambience. To start with, Jet would focus on around ten kinds of fruit juices, including the detoxification, antioxidants and Yakult series. Apart from offering fruit cups, the shop will provide special takeaway boxes for lunch time customers. It is also partnering with food delivery companies to handle fruit hamper orders, developing a new line of business online. Having a strong working spirit across three generations, Sweet Heart Fresh Fruit Shop has transformed from a traditional business to something that shines by adopting a new business model and continues writing its sweet family tale.

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