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Seafood Guru Venturing for 40 Years

An experienced fishmonger, Mr. Ho who devotes in seafood business for 40 years, has nested in Graham Street with his stall Yiu Fat Seafood for 33 years, previously located at Staunton Street and Smithfield Road, etc. Mr. Ho is a living textbook for seafood, from under-the-sea expertise of ecology and seafood origins, to freshness preservation, cooking and culinary knowledge in the kitchen. With the reality that the younger generations show little interest in taking up his business, Mr. Ho is still contented with his four employees, who strive to offer service at their best, and see them as the successors of his skill sets garnered all these years.


Setting the Standard: Unrivaled Service and Full Ranged Seafood Selection

The stall of Yiu Fat is easy to recognise, by its well-stacked fresh produces and the enchanting smiles of their staff, who are keen to introduce their enticing seafood selections sourced from the Aberdeen Seafood Market every morning. Mr. Ho indicated that understanding customers’ preferences and needs is as essential as being knowledgeable about seafood in favor of winning confidence from their valued customers. 


Aiming to meet the needs of customers with different budgets, the seafood selection in Yiu Fat falls within a wide price range. “To cater the demands from our customers from the Mid-levels, which takes up half of our customers, we offer some higher-end products, for instance, giant groupers, green groupers, leopard coral groupers, brown-spotted groupers, lobsters, pompano, mangrove snappers, and barramundi.” Explaining the stall’s clientele, Mr. Ho added on, “Around 40% of our customers are domestic helpers, who tend to go for more economic choices like red mullets, hairtails, grass carps, edible goldfishes, and tilapia.” Niche market needs are also catered with the provision of rare frozen fishes like reeves shad fishes, star snappers, and flag fishes upon reservation.


Yiu Fat’s produce is guaranteed with at-peak freshness as they usually offer marine fishes. Even farmed fishes are offered at the time when marine fishes supply is insufficient. Mr. Ho explained that the two can be categorized in the same family as fishes weighed less than 300 grams would be put into rafts and be sold when they are raised to weight at about 450 grams. The farmed fishes available are mainly from local, Mainland China and South-east Asia including countries with good water quality like Indonesia and Malaysia. Whereas, mantis shrimps, red mullets, red snappers, horsehead fish, Australian rock lobsters, and green lobsters are usually caught in the wild.


Yiu Fat has a solid commitment in providing quality services. Before handing to customers, the seafood they sell are diligently cleaned, sliced and then packaged with ice packs and newspapers to maintain freshness and avoid leakages. With excellent produce and service, the shop receives raving review and remains well-loved by market goers.

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