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Local Full Bespoke Tailor Finds New Home in Graham Market

Gentlemen’s suit styling is not only about traditional cuttings and features, but also emphasizes on tailored designs that meet customers’ personal needs. Riding on this market trend, the menswear brand COLLER was established in 2016, with a focus on customized Florentine full bespoke suits originated from Italy. Its new store in Graham Market (H18B) is opened since early 2020, and it also shows the success of a young entrepreneur’s dream.

A Journey of Transformation

Jayden, owner of COLLER, recalled his first time wearing a suit for a graduation dinner and  a job interview, when he suddenly found himself transformed into a mature professional with a suit on.  Such nice transformation has sparked his interest in knowing more about suit brands all over the world, especially Italian suits. "My first suit was an Italian suit with a design suitable for various occasions. Out of curiosity, I started to dig into such profession since then. "

After graduation, Jayden joined an emerging Korean brand, Stripe, and supported its brand development in Hong Kong. Later he founded his own brand COLLER, that specializes in tailor-made suits and acts as an agent of classic menswear brands around the world. In recent years, the store collaborated with B&Tailor from Korea and has received high accolades that even overseas customers travelled from afar to order customized suits at COLLER.  

British or Italian style?

Jayden shared that British and Italian suit styles are evolving as the two global trend setting streams. Italian style accentuates the beauty of smooth curve lines, and a versatile design using light and thin fabrics, canvas and chest linings for warmer weather in Italy. It is subdivided into three genres, Milan, Florence and Napoli under the same umbrella, each with its own characteristics. British tailors, on the other hand, stress on bringing out solid craftsmanship with clean cuts and shapes, as well as the application of thicker and stiffer fabrics for a smart and well-fitted outlook.

As for tailor-made suits, they can be divided into a few categories, Made to Order (MTO), Made-To-Measure (MTM), Bespoke and Full Bespoke. Full Bespoke offers a generous flexibility in choosing style, size and pattern based on one’s preference. "Our Full Bespoke service caters for a variety of adjustments to details such as styles, collars, buttons, linings, gorge lines, cuttings, you name it. The process usually takes 6 weeks and we provide two fittings."

Attention to details and customer engagement

COLLER offers not only exquisite and personalized suit designs, but also high-caliber services grounded by ongoing communication with customers. Customers and tailors take on an adventurous journey together as they choreograph their suit-making experience.

"We discuss with our customers to learn about their professions and hobbies. We also share our observations on suit culture and what we can offer at COLLER. Surprisingly enough, a Norwegian customer, Niklas has eventually become our store manager now. The encounter has led us to discover common interests and have endless conversations on basically everything.”

COLLER also actively collaborates with successful tailoring brands all over the world, including B&Tailor from Korea, and hosts the Bespoke Trunk Show as well. It never stops improving its brand through understanding various aspects such as concepts, culture, services, and promotion strategies of different brands around the world. Jayden has a strong vision on establishing a homegrown brand that crafts customized suits comparable to top international brands in the future.

Tips on wearing suits:

1.  Avoid wearing an all-black outfit when you go to work. It has a high tendency toward the impression of a funeral or very luxurious black tie dinner.

2.  Opt for blue or grey suits during your first and second purchases. They are safe items that make a match with tops and trousers. It can hardly go wrong!

3. Add to your wardrobe a few pairs of plain grey trousers in different colour intensities. They are nice-to-haves for effortless matching with tops of any patterns and colours.

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