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Local Entrepreneurial Insight over Slicked Hairstyle Culture

In recent years, sprucing up with a retro slicked hairstyle is becoming the icon of the stylish men and the trend has quickly rocked the world. A few young Hong Kong entrepreneurs founded Kingsland Barber in 2020, and the brand has grown to two shops in just half a year, with the latest one being located at the Graham Market (H18B) in Central. Apart from the barbering services such as haircutting, beard trimming and wet shaving, it provides a variety of styling products for preening retro hairstyles, especially for slicked hairstyles in vogue.  Offering one-stop service, Kingsland Barber has become one of the popular barbershops in Hong Kong.

Gary is the owner of Kingsland Barber.  He is also the key man behind Cheung Leung Kee, a specialty store for hair oils and men’s products. He shared that the slicked hairstyle revived about 8 years ago in Europe and the United States, and the wave swiftly swept Hong Kong two years later.  To seize market trends, he opened Cheung Leung Kee in 2015.  Learning from many customers that barbering services were hankered for, he founded Kingsland Barber to provide customers with a one-stop barbering service and shopping experience.

Barbershop vs. local hair salon vs. Shanghai-style barbershop

Unlike Shanghai-style barbershop and local hair salon, Gary explained that the hairstyle design offered by barbershop is another realm of practice with different design concepts, shaping and layering techniques, focus on hair to face ratios, haircut process and a different professional set of tools.  "First is the tools. Hair salons usually use scissors, while barbershops mainly use electric clippers and razors. At our shop, we choose European and American brand electric clippers as they often perform better. Slicked hairstyle is common in foreign countries, that a local barber can serve more than 20 customers per day. That is why their electric clippers are designed to have greater horsepower, endurance and stronger haircutting features.  Barbershops also use sharper razors to give closer and cleaner shaves, but the barbers have to be well-trained on their application.” In short, the use of unique haircutting tools is what makes barbershop special in showcasing unparalleled hairdressing concepts and techniques.

Although the services provided by Shanghai-style barbershops are similar to typical barbershops, they have completely different styling concepts. Shanghai-style Barbers create softer lines, while regular barbers blends in with more stylish designs, such as the popular side part haircut, retro 3/7 parting, in recent years.  It is also known as the business haircut or slicked hairstyle characterized by its sleek line-up, lightness and refreshing look, well fit for office workers in Hong Kong.

Another feature of barbershops, as Gary shared, is that most barbers and customers found in store are men. This creates a comfortable men’s zone for them to talk about anything they like. What’s more, barbershop visit is also becoming a popular Father’s Day activity these years, when thoughtful sons and daughters pamper their fathers with slicked hairstyle grooming experiences.

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