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Dare to Innovate – A Showroom of Globally Sourced Fruits and Vegetables

With more than 100 years of experience in fruits and vegetables retailing, Wah Kee Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Ltd. is now managed by two brothers from the third generation of the Chan's family. To Anson Chan Ka-Po, one of the brothers in charge, it is key to actively explore for changes and innovation in addition to maintaining stability of a century-old business. As they adopt an innovative operation model, Wah Kee is not just another traditional market stall down the street, but a sizable enterprise successfully transformed. They sell fruits and vegetables both offline and online, garnering loyal customers including neighourhoods, a number of high-end restaurants in the Central District, and even Michelin-starred places.


From Offline to Online

"Wah Kee was originally a street stall started from my grandfather's generation, selling vegetables. It was then taken over by my parents in the 1970s and relocated here at Graham Street where they found a shop space. As the Mid-Levels escalator launched for public services, and the development of new places such as Lan Kwai Fong and Soho District, many Western restaurants have been opened and often visited by foreign customers. Seeing these changes as a business opportunity, we have imported more Western fruits and vegetables, salad greens, and spices to cater for their needs. Soon my father set up an office, a warehouse, and a vegetable wholesale store in the Western District. This is the turning point when the business began to transform." Anson narrated the development of Wah Kee.


The family business has been in Anson's hands since 2007. After getting on board, he did not only drive sales from an extensive network of chefs as new customers, but also added more variety and unique flavours from around the world to the shop's product list. His effort led Wah Kee to develop into a "showroom" with a comprehensive selection of dazzling fruits and vegetables, establishing a fresh new image for its brand.


With the popularity of the internet, online shopping has become a new trend. Keeping up the pace as it often does, Wah Kee partnered with the online groceries platform "Jou Sun" to provide a convenient option for those who want to save the hassle. With just a few clicks, their customers can simply place orders for fresh fruits and vegetables online. What’s next? Sit back, relax and wait for food items to be delivered to their homes.


While being known for product freshness and varieties, Wah Kee also offers fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. Anson shared that he places bulk orders on a quarterly basis to reduce cost. To meet the high demands from many high-end restaurants including the Michelin-starred ones at the International Finance Center and the Landmark, he usually orders a large quantity of goods at once. He also reaches out directly to overseas suppliers from countries such as the Netherlands, Australia, and the United States to lower operation cost. Under such business strategies, Wah Kee makes it perfect for customers to enjoy quality fruits and vegetables from around the world without having headaches on budgeting.

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