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Time Doesn't Beat Couple's Endeavours in Seafood Market

"Let nature take its course" said Mrs. Kwok, who owns a fish stall with her husband for decades. Regardless of the ups and downs in life, she chooses to go with the tide and be at ease with what she has. Every day before dawn, the couple collects fresh seafood from the Aberdeen Fish Market and sell them until all is sold out. It is not hard to see customers' trust in their service quality as they confidently run customer orders by phone, and pack seafood for prompt pick-ups. Nice and easy for home-cooked meals.


Signature Cleaver Witnesses a 4-Decade Venture

Back in 1979, Mrs. Kwok tapped into the industry at the age of 26. It was difficult to earn a living then, and therefore she took her family's advice to become a fishmonger and 40 years has gone with a blink of an eye. "My sister was already selling fish back then, and my brother asked me to try. I started off as a hawker in Central but it was hard as I often had to escape from hawker control teams. In the 1970s, they were known by their extreme following tactics whereby the cat-and-mouse game was often played out. We had to run up nearly five floors straight, shut the doors and hid up at our neighbours' places. Those unlucky ones got all their products and tools confiscated” she recalled.


Later on Mrs. Kwok no longer had to live a life of escaping when she opened the current seafood shop. Since then, she feels good to use her legendary heavyweight cleaver long kept in the dark. Given to her by a retiring fishmonger in Central, the iron-made cleaver used to be a unique tool designed for cutting giant groupers weighing up to 200 catties, and now it is a signature of the shop. An all-time favourite of Mrs. Kwok, the cleaver can make clean-cuts much easier than those made of stainless steel thanks to its non-rebounding feature. That's why it is ideal for handling big fishes or bony parts like fish heads. She said that the cleaver weighed 3.5 catties originally and slowly reduced to 2.5 catties as it corrodes and gets sharpened day after day, witnessing alongside the efforts of which the couple has been spending on their seafood venture.

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